How to install?

first post: shihren07 wrote: May I get your instruction on the installation steps?

latest post: arifaat wrote: After you deployed the solution, To activate the feature on your Sh...

Error activating on Sharepoint 2013 Foundation

first post: dstove wrote: Hi, Installation of this seemed to go without a hitch, but when I ...

latest post: AlexCousins wrote: I'm late to the party as usual but replying to save someone 10 minu...

Can not Edit and save Pages

first post: mukeshmca wrote: Hello Sir, i am unable to edit The pages in WebPages library. w...

latest post: mandydrummond wrote: Did you ever figure this out Im having the same problem??

Changes during edit of web page are not saving

first post: mandydrummond wrote: Changes during edit of web page are not saving

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